Some of the best handguns are old

I recently met up with Weerd Beard at Cabelas in Scarborough to peruse the gun library and got to see some really cool handguns and rifles. The Cabelas Gun Library houses some very unique, uncommon and old firearms. Yes, the latest-and-greatest thing is cool to see, but it’s important to also know where you’ve been and […]

Here are two handguns on my wishlist

This week, Weerd Beard and I discuss some of the guns that are in current production that we have on our wish list. I really want the new Steyr S9A1 9mm pistol, as well as an uncommon S&W Model 586. The Steyr offers a very sculpted grip frame, which gives people with smaller hands the ability to control […]

How did this handgun get so popular?

In this podcast, I talk with Jake Nyman from U.S. Armament Corp. about its classic firearm project. It’s manufacturing a replica of a Colt Licensed 1903 “General Officer’s Pistol” that was issued to generals in World War II. It’s sure to be a hit among collectors and shooters alike. “We’re always looking for the next odd […]